APTE in Figures

1. APTE members evolution:

The Association of Scientific and Technological Parks of Spain (APTE) had at the end of 2015, 69 members (49 Full members, 15 Affiliate members, 2 Collaborators and 2 Honour members).

In the next graph we show the evolution of APTE members from its foundation in 1988.


Of these 69 members, the 49 Full members are operative. Next are their statistics at the end of 2015.

2. Companies and institutions evolution:

At the end of 2015, the number of companies and institutions located in the science and technology parks of APTE were of 7,736, taking place an increase with respect to the previous year of 19,9%.


This graph shows the main sectors of the companies located in the Parks:

  • Aeronautics and Automotive: 2,0 %
  • Training and Human Resources: 3,2 %
  • Information, Computing and Telecommunications: 22,7 %
  • Medicine and Health: 6,5 %
  • Agriculture and Feeding and Biotechnology: 3,2 %
  • Electronics: 1,7 %
  • Industrial: 4,6 %
  • Engineering, Consultancy and Advising: 18,8 %
  • Energy and Environment: 3,3 %
  • Centres of companies: 0,7 %
  • Technology centres and R&D: 3,2 %

The sector that agglutinates to the greater number of companies is Information, Computer science and Telecommunications with a 2,72%.

3. Employment evolution:

The number of employment was 158,950 workers at the end of 2015, taking anincrease with respect to the 2014 exercise of a 4,8%. Of these workers, approximately a 50% have university degree.

4. Turnover evolution:

The turnover of companies was 24.427 million Euros at the end of 2015. The registered increase has been of 9,4%.

5. R&D employment evolution

The following graph shows the evolution of the number of people who works in activities of Investigation and Devolopment (R&D) in the science and technology parks members of APTE. During 2015 they were 31.243 the number of workers in R&D, almost same percentage than the previous year.

6. R&D investment of science and technology parks
During 2015, the science and technology parks of Spain have invested1,228 million euros in R&D activities.



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