APTE Strategic Plan

APTE has elaborated a strategic plan in which the lines settle down directives to follow by the Association in the next years to improve their activity and to define new objectives for the development and promotion of the science and technology parks and of their company and institutions and also, to adapt to the new national and international socioeconomic scene.

During the elaboration of the strategic plan the following activities have been carried out to obtain the possible most complete document that it guides the development of the Association during next the 5 years:

  • 1. Study of the different typologies from members that compose the Association.
  • 2. Identification of the main challenges that will confront in the next years the Science and Technology Parks of the APTE.
  • 3. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the Association and its members.
  • 4. Study of the main agents of the system Science - Technology - Company and the place who occupy the parks and the Association in them.
  • 5. National socioeconomic study of the situation and definition of new line of action and objectives to carry out by the Association to make that the parks still play a more important role for the scientific development, technological and economic of the country.
  • 6. Analysis of international the socioeconomic context and the paper that could develop to the Association and its members in it.

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Título: Plan Estratégico de la Asociación de Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos de España (APTE)
Nº Expediente: PTT-129429990-2008
Nº Proyecto: PTT-430000-2008-20

Proyecto financiado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica, (Subprograma de Investigación Aplicada Colaborativa). La Unión Europea participa en la financiación dentro del Programa Operativo de I+D+i por y para el beneficio de las empresas (Fondo Tecnológico) del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER). Cuantía de la ayuda: 81.375 euros.
Plazo: 2008




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