Business Advisory Virtual Office (OVAE)


Business Advisory Virtual Office (OVAE, in Spanish) is a comprehensive service offering professional advice to SME (Small and medium enterprises) belonging to Spain's Science and technology parks and companies located in industrial parks in the national territory, where the goal is to offer a personalized service providing solutions and facilitating businesses access to professional services.


Our purpose is to provide the best service with speed and quality, adapting to the context of each company, with a commitment to achieve the goals established with our customers.


The main services that the office will offer are the following:


           - Analysis of technological needs and offers of improvements.

           - Putting in touch with possible suppliers.

           - Financial consulting related with instruments of financing specialized in SMEs.

           - Search of partners for projects in cooperation of public subsidies.

           - Search of partners for international projects.

           - Information about the community regulation of subsides to the R&D.

           - Information about official announcement of public subsides.

           - Information about events of managerial cooperation and transfer of technology.

           - Support the implementation of new park projects.

           - Support for development of infrastructure for business development.


This service is carried out by a technician belonging to the APTE, and he is in charge of the services offered by the OVAE.


Office Information:

Phone: +34 951 23 13 06


This project is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain.




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