International Cooperation

In collaboration with the International Association of Science Parks IASP, the Technicians Network promotes the cooperation between Brazilian, Chinese and Eastern Europe enterprises and Spanish enterprises. Brazil is the best access to Latin American trade, China offers great business opportunities to Spanish enterprises and Eastern Europe is the beginning of the collaboration with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania companies.

APTE works with three organizations in each of these countries in order to promote cooperation. This program allows Spanish enterprises make international technology and knowledge transfer, develop new business and achieve trade agreements.

APTE Cooperation with China

Managed by HTIBI (HI-TECH International Business Service Company Ltd)

Contact in China:

Sisi Liu
International Business Department Project Manager
Hi-Tech International Business Incubator Co., Ltd. (HTIBI)
3rd Floor, Tower B, Beijing Venture Plaza,
No.11 Anxiangbeili, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
Tel:+86-10-64843948 Fax:+86-10-64841928

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APTE Cooperation with Brazil

Managed by ANPROTEC (Associação Nacional de Entidades Promotoras de Empreendimentos Inovadores).

Contact in Brazil:

Katia Sitta Fortini
Coordenadora de Atendimento e Relacionamento ANPROTEC
SCN QD. 01 - Bl. C - Sl.209/211
Ed. Brasilia Trade Center
Cep: 70.711-902 Fone fax: 55-61-3202.1555


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APTE Cooperation with Eastern Europe


Managed by Invent Baltics ( Innovation/business consulting company )


Contact in Eastern Europe:


Juhan Jüriado
Invent Baltics LLC
Address: Mäealuse 4, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 51 76 480
Fax: +372 68 38 001



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