Coordinating Unit

APTE's coordinating unit is located in Sede Social building of the Technological Park of Andalcía (Malaga) because nowadays the president of the Association, Felipe Romera, is the general manager of this technological park.

The activities of the coordinating unit activities are focused in the following objectives:

  • 1. Promotion, development and diffusion of the science and technology parks.
  • 2. Generation of projects in cooperation between parks.
  • 3. Promotion of the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the parks.
  • 4. Collaboration with the agents of the Spanish system of innovation.
  • 5. Promotion of the managerial collaboration between parks.
  • 6. Promotion of the collaboration between companies and entities of Research and Development (R&D).

APTE Google maps Location:

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APTE Coordinating Unit Team


Soledad Diaz Campos Soledad Díaz Campos
APTE Managing Director
Phone: (+34) 951 23 13 06
Fax: (+34) 951 23 12 39

Carmen Garcia Delgado


Carmen Mª García Delgado
Administration Manager
Phone: (+34) 951 23 13 06
Fax: (+34) 951 23 12 39




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