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The 11th Iberian Meeting will take place the 1st and 2nd of June at the Technological and Business Centre Sanjotec in Portugal.


The Meeting is part of a Congress organized by the Association of Technological Science Parks and Portugal (TECPARQUES) called TECNET, that focuses on Industry 4.0.


The main events of the Iberian Meeting will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 1st of June, and during the 2nd and 3rd will take place the activities of the TECNET conference.


During the afternoon of June 1, Iberian Meeting opening will be carried out by APTE and TECPARQUES representatives and invited authorities. Afterwards, a round table will be held on how to strengthen the network of the Iberian Parks in the European scenario, and a wide representation of entities with which APTE and TECPARQUES are related to will give their vision of how to enhance this aspect. Among the participants in this round table, we will have the participation of the European Network of Regions of R & D (ERRIN) and the European Alliance of Clusters.


After the round table, a networking between the Spanish and Portuguese companies that attended the Meeting will take place. Finally, the encounter among all the attendees will be fomented by a dinner that will close the first day of the encounter.


The TECNET Congress will begin on 2nd June. This congress will have a section of round tables on creativity, technology and opportunities in the following sectors: Automobile, Textile Industry and Footwear, Agri-food, Tourism and Innovative Public Purchasing.


These round tables will be attended by "success stories" companies of the sector in question and will state how they base their success on challenges, trends and opportunities identified in the field of Industry 4.0.


To facilitate logistics, the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Portugal (TECPARQUES) will enable bus services from Oporto’s airport.


Check the Program of the XI Iberian Encounter here


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