Technicians Network

One of the most important lines of work of the association is to promote business collaboration between parks, enterprises and the environment. APTE has a network of technicians, composed of 45 people from 30 parks and managed from the Coordinating Unit, which is responsible for fulfilling this mission.


To organize the work of the Technical Network it has been decided to include all activities in seven major blocks:
- To meet the members of the network
- Parks services
- Services / Coordination APTE
- Resolution of specific questions
- Financing
- Designing and creating consortia
- Training
Award for best practice in science and technology parks of APTE
The award for best practice in Science and Technology Parks arises APTE in 2014 to recognize the new best practices carried out by the management of the parks in its scope.
In this sense both the innovative aspect of the initiative and its impact on entities Science and Technology Park and its environment is valued.
The award has two categories: one for PCTs with less than 10 years old and one for those with more than 10 years old.
Award Winners Best Practice:
- Espaitec. Science Park, Business i Tecnològic of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló: The value of intangible assets through advanced services such as new management model of the PCT 2020
- Science and Technology Park of Gijón: Gijon INVESTS
- Science Park of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche: The Nau of Innovation
- Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia: Attracting foreign investment to the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia
Business Cooperation Network of APTE (RCE)
Technical Network has a free web tool where all entities that wish to can publish their offers and technological demands and seek partners:
This website currently has more than 5,000 registered entities and including more than 3,500 members of science and technology parks.
What can RCE bring to companies?
- Finding partners for projects H2020.
- Find a company that can fulfill ourselves a new development for our business.
- Offering technology to a network of over 5000 organizations
- Expanding business into new markets.
- Etc.
All technological alerts are sent periodically to the technicians of APTE member parks. In addition, facing further distribution, it has created a profile on Twitter where to disseminate alerts published: @RCEapte

APTE R&D Experts Network Project (project completed)

The objective of this project, in which Ministry of Science and Innovation and APTE work together, is promoting knowledge and technology transfer in the science-technology-enterprise system. Five actions will be carried out in this project:

  • 1. Knowledge transfer activities.
  • 2. Enterprises support activities.
  • 3. Internationalisation of business activities.
  • 4. Control of project submitted to Ministry of Science and Innovation calls.
  • 5. International Excellence Program support.

APTE COPIT Project: Cooperation program between Trading states and Technology Parks(project completed)

The objective of this program is increasing the competitiveness and the business opportunities of enterprises located in technology parks and trading states by a cooperation program. The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, EOI Foundation, APTE, Spanish Coordinating Committee of Trading states (CEPE) and ENISA participate in this program.

Four actions will be carried out in this project

  • 1. Cooperation between enterprises located in technology parks and trading states.
  • 2. Trading states census and analysis.
  • 3. Common services supply to trading states.
  • 4. New enterprises support.

The Technicians Network has a web site where organizations can publish technology offers and demands and look for Partners.

Click here  APTE



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