eVIA Platform

Currently the secretariat of the Spanish Technological Platform for Technologies for Health, Active and Independent Life (EVIA) is being managed by APTE in collaboration with the Association of Companies of Electronics, Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Services and Digital Content (AMETIC) And is being financed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. 

The EVIA Platform was created in 2007 and is currently made up of more than 600 experts and more than 400 entities representing the entire value chain: industries, universities, research centers, non-governmental associations, public administrations and social spaces for innovation. 

EVIA's work program has focused a large part of its activities in the SME and entrepreneurs segment, a group widely represented by APTE through its members, so APTE's participation in the platform during these two years will increase the capillarity Of the actions of the platform to a larger group of entities. 

General objective: 

The overall objective of the EVIA Platform is to promote the emergence of ICT-based systems, services and products to preserve the health and well-being of citizens, raise the quality of life and autonomy of older people, facilitate independent living People with disabilities and the integration of vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion. 

Specific objectives: 

  • Encourage technology transfer and collaboration with research organizations at national and European level.
  • Advise and provide information on public and private funding programs that have support lines related to the sector that EVIA occupies.
  • Support innovative entrepreneurs and SMEs in their access to the ICT market in terms of health, accessibility and social welfare.
  • Apply international technological innovation between companies and / or EVIA sector entities.
  • Promote international technological cooperation between companies and / or EVIA sector entities.
  • Align the innovative technological offer in the EVIA sector with the demand of large consumers, both public and private.
  • Generate a network of contacts, understanding and improving the capillarity the EVIA network at a regional and regional level through collaboration with science and technology parks and other organizations.
  • Promote the concept of "Smart City for the Citizen" focused on the benefit of the people and not on the profitability or use of technologies.
  • Promote the adoption of the accessible vehicle in the Spanish car park through the recommendations guide to manufacturers.
  • Encourage collaboration with other agencies and platforms in cross-cutting areas with common interests such as tourism, food or ICT security.

Project funded by: 

Matchmaking held at EsadeCreapolis (20 September 2016)


Matchmaking held at Boecillo Technology Park (20 June 2017)


Matchmaking held at the Granada Health Sciences Technology Park (1 December 2017)


Matchmaking at the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park (12th February)


Matchmaking at Foro Trasferere 2018, Málaga (February 15)


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