New european project approved for the Technology Park of Andalucia


Technology Park of Andalucia

The European project PEERs TO BLOCKCHAIN – P2B, led by the Technology Park of Andalucia, has recently been approved by the European Commission, within the framework of call Innosup 5 (H2020 program).

P2B is based on an initiative from the Technology Park of Andalucía and the International Association of Science Parks and Innovation Area, who have recently created a Blockchain Subnetwork of members actives in this field. The main objective of the project is indeed to provide SMEs with opportunities for international collaboration and to share professional expertise at European and international level using Blockchain technologies.

With partners from Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and with associate partners initially from Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Finland,  France, Hungria, Italy, Palestine and Rusia, the specific objectives of the P2B project will be to analyse the current state of art of this new technology, including pilot projects and good practices in the participating regions, to propose a series of methodologies and strategies to enhance the SME innovation with the support and implementation of Blockchain and to promote the development of an effective ecosystem of innovation support to SMEs in Europe related to blockchain technologies. In addition, we will play a great emphasis on transferring the good practices and the results obtained within the regional ecosystem of each partner.

The main objective of the project is indeed to improve the innovation of SMES with the support and implementation of Blockchain technology and to promote in Europe the development of an effective ecosystem to support innovation for SMES with this technology.

The Kick-off meeting of the project will take place on Wednesday 15th of May in the headquarters of the Technology park of Andalusia, Malaga.




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