Parque Científico Murcia

Park: Parque Científico Murcia

Member type: Full member

Address: Complejo de Espinardo, Edificio Parque Científico. Carretera de Madrid (Salida 135C). Km 388. 30100 Espinardo

Province: Murcia

Autonomous community: Región de Murcia

Phone: 968277830

Fax: 968277831



Parque Científico Murcia

Mariano Jiménez Pascual de Riquelme. Director

Constitution date:

Technical data:

Ideal Location for:- Scientific and Technology-Based Enterprises (areas for offices and labs).- R&D corporate departments.- Area for launching collaborative public-private research projects.- Communication and meeting point for innovation stakeholders.- Knowledge dissemination and R&D events and workshops.Business Services:- Support for TBF creation and development.- Technology watch.- Support and back-up in the search for funding.- Internationalization support.- Innovation communication and promotion of firms at the park.- Consultancy on aid calls.- Support of multi-business cooperation and cluster-oriented approaches.- Data Center Services:- Tier II data processing center for housing services.- Web hosting and cloud computing.- Connection to commercial Internet and to the regional and national R&D Networks (CTnet and RedIRIS NOVA, respectively).General Services:- 24/7 access to the premises.- Meeting rooms equipped with video-conference and audiovisual devices.- Conference room suitable for live streaming.- Reception and mail service.- Free parking.- Cafeteria.- Connection to the main freeways (Madrid, Andalusia, Valencia).

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