GARAIA Parque Tecnológico S.Coop

Park: GARAIA Parque Tecnológico S.Coop

Member type: Full member

Address: Goiru 1 Edificio A. 20500 Mondragón

Province: Gipuzkoa

Autonomous community: País Vasco

Phone: 943 038 846

Fax: 943 793 999



GARAIA Parque Tecnológico S.Coop

Olatz Imaz Navarro - President and Chief Financial Officer of MONDRAGON

Constitution date:

Technical data:

The park has 65 companies. It is located in an environment that is internationally recognised for its cooperative model and because it brings together one of the largest industrial concentrations in Europe. The 6 technology centres (Stirling, Edertek, Ikerlan, Isea, Ulma PTC, MIK) and the University of Mondragón (MU), which is strongly connected to industry, provide PTGARAIA with people trained in the skills and knowledge required by the business environment. This ecosystem develops, among others, top-level knowledge related to Advanced Manufacturing, Big Data, New Materials, Health and Sustainability.

Infraestructures and Spaces

  • Virtual office.
  • Incubator.
  • Itinerant office (Mobildesk).
  • Coworking space.
  • Adaptable office modules from 60 m2 .
  • Technological plots (148,000 m² buildable area) in natural surroundings.
  • Auditorium for 210 people.
  • Digital classroom.
  • Seminar and meeting rooms (from 10 to 80 people).
  • Virtual classroom (up to 2000 remote receivers).
  • Experimental innovation space (Living-lab).
  • Cafeteria-Restaurant and office.


  • Reception and customer service.
  • Inclusion in the directory of companies on the GARAIA website.
  • Access to up-to-date information on local, national and international events, training and business opportunities.
  • 24/7 access by electronic card.
  • Security and surveillance service.
  • Free parking.
  • Electric car charging point.
  • Public transport & Heliport.


  • Training and support for entrepreneurs.
  • Information about assistance and funding programmes.
  • Capital Risk Fund.
  • Access to business cooperation networks / Access to national/international Innovation networks.
  • Patent management.
  • Investors net.
  • Shopping portal.
  • International Antenna.
  • Technology development and prototyping workshop.
  • Market research studies.
  • Viability plans.
  • Regional projects
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