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Project information

The aim of the "Science and Technology in femenine" programme is to promote scientific and technological vocations with a view to increasing the choice of scientific and technological studies among young women in the future.

To achieve our aims, APTE counts on the collaboration of Science and Technology Parks, members of the association, spread throughout the Spanish geography, that will participate in the work plan to be developed, providing the action with coverage and impact at a national level. 

The program will be aimed at students from 1st to 3rd year of Compulsory Secondary Education (11-13 years)  and will consist of a series of workshops to be held in the collaborating parks, exhibitions, competitions, and a guide to degree opportunities for all girls who are interested in studying science and technology degree.




Journal of Gender Studies

Science and Technology in Feminine is the subject of a paper published in the Journal of Gender Studies: ‘Science and Technology as Feminine’: raising awareness about and reducing the gender gap in STEM careers.



7,9% of students who participate in Science and Technology in women change their minds and decide to bet on STEMs.




Download our STEM guide 


As part of the project Science and Technology in femenine we have created a specific guide so that you can see what professional opportunities you may have if you decide to study for a degree in Science or Technology. But remember that the most important thing is not what exists, but what you can discover for yourself!




Our exhibition "Women that changed the world"

We want to show you how big you can be thanks to science and technology. And what better way to see the greatest success stories of women who have achieved great goals for humanity through science and technology. Don't miss it and of course go all the way to the end because... Who knows if you will be the next great scientist or technologist in history?





Discover the protagonists of the Science and

Technology Parks participating in the initiative



In this video we explain in a simple way what the competition is about


"Innovative proposals to the challenges of sustainable development"





Winning proposal


Colegio Mas Camarena

next to València Parc Tecnològic (Paterna)




View all the finalist proposals here


Collaborators at Talent Woman 

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) and its initiative Science and Technology in feminine have participated in three editions in Talent Woman, the largest event of female talent in science and technology to promote STEM vocations and bring the work of the parks to the youngest.



El universo está esperando a que lo cambies #chicastem #ciencia #tecnología en #femenino

Una publicación compartida de Cien. y Tecno. en Femenino (@cytfemenino) el



If you want to keep up to date with the events of the #STEAMfemenino

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Stay informed through our social profiles (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook) of the latest news of the Science and Technology project in feminine. We will hold workshops, workshops and exhibitions in the different Science and Technology Parks of Spain, of which you may be interested in keeping up to date.







Participate with the Spanish Association of Science and Technology

Parks the Science and Technology Parks of:




Along with the support of iniciatives such as:


The debate of Science and Technology is still in progress...





For more information, please email us at info@apte.org

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