Italian Association of Science and Technology Parks

APSTI is the national network of scientific and technological parks.

The majority of PSTs are members  (31 members) accounting for virtually all of the Italian regions, with the aim of supporting economic development through innovation.

The objective of the Association is to work in such a way that these infrastructures are increasingly characterised as INTEGRATORS between the companies’ need for innovative growth, especially small- and very small-sized businesses, and the wealth of knowledge embodied by the Centres of Technological and Scientific Excellence, Universities and Research Centres.

This can be done by creating systems to network the functions of the many subjects who interact in the field of innovation and the transfer of technology.

Comité Ejecutivo de APSTI


APSTI is able to provide to external companies  a portfolio of services  and tools for accelerating their  business. Thanks to its networks and partnerships, APSTI has access to cutting edge biotech services and R&D tools.

APSTI is committed to promoting the substantial wealth of scientific, technological and organisational expertise embodied by the members of the Association, so that its content can be shared and used by the network in order to raise the level of competitiveness of business systems and local communities.

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