Enterprise Eurolodging - Softlanding Program for Science and Technology Parks. Promoted by APTE and supported by IASP

Enterprise Eurolodging

A project to foster business internationalization between Science and Technology Parks
We are aware that starting any internationalization activity requires a great effort, both at the level of contact localization, as well as economic. For this reason, APTE has developed this international initiative to support prospective activities in new markets and softlanding, called Enterprise Eurolodging.
What is Softlanding?
You can enjoy a short stay in a Science and Technology Park in order to get new contacts, start an internationalization process or know other companies. It works very similar to AirBnb but from APTE we have made sure that the first week you land in the park will be free.
It is very easy to understand:
First of all, you have to choose a park where to land. According to your activities and priorities, chose the most suitable park for you.
Our Science and Technology Parks are specialized in different areas.
Complete the form at the bottom of the park page or send an email to info@apte.org
Once your request has been approved, a person from the park will contact you to tell you the details. ¡You have a free space and a softlanding!
Tell us your experience and get a reward.
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Our Participants

Science and Technology Parks
Associations of Science and Technology Parks
Is the key process for enterprise development in the current global market. Softlanding is the new way.
Companies may find the more interested options for them searching by country or by localization options
Enterprise Eurolodging - Softlanding Program
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In this sense we can encourage more companies to participate in this softlanding program.
Apply now and start to land in other countries
Small opportunities often presage great enterprises

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Softlanding program promoted by APTE

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Softlanding program supported by IASP
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