Geolit - Destino de Softlanding

Geolit Science and Technology Park



Park Information:

City: Mengíbar

Address: Autovía A-44, Bailén Sierra Nevada, km. 22,5. Sierra Morena St., Block 11. Technology complex of advances services.23620 Mengíbar (Jaén)


Phone: + 34 953 276 977


Contact Person:

Name: Jesús Muñoz Jiménez

Position: Manager

Phone: + 34 953 276 977


Skype ID: geolitparque

Soft landing Facilites and Services:


  • Offices available for immediate and free for the first year of setting up.
    • or Area: 15 m²
    • or 1 workstation.
  • Meeting room free for 1 year.
    • Different sizes or as needed (conference, press conference, training, breakfast meetings).
  • Free virtual office for one year, which includes social address, postal services and access to information and networking activities with companies installed.


  • Access to local business:
    • or providing information and statistics.
    • or management point contacts.
  • Support for attending and organizing events.
  • Support and assistance to employees:
    • in the search of accommodation.
    • or schooling of the household.
    • or personal logistics.
  • Collaboration for the development of innovation projects.
  • Support in seeking public and private funding.
  • Business Networking Introduction.
  • Collaboration in finding local suppliers and consultants.
  • Support for search and selection of human resources.
  • Contact with agents of knowledge of the province.
  • Support in communication and dissemination of own activity.



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General Information


Total area: 1,566,428 square metres

Agro-food research area: 1,066,328 square metres

Business and institutional area: 177,880 square metres


Urban Services: Urban Conservation Authority, telecommunications, access control, CCTV, gardening and green areas, parking, street lighting, sanitation and drainage and rainwater, drinking water supply and irrigation.

Common services: public transport, post and packaging service, event management, dynamic information system, restaurant, vending area, office, bank and ATM.

Advanced services: cooperation services, support services for innovation, internationalization services, soft landing services, tailored services.

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