Tecnopole - Destino de Softlanding

Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia- Tecnópole



Park information:

City: San Cibrao das Viñas

Address: Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia. 32900 San Cibrao das Viñas (Ourense)

Web: www.tecnopole.es

Phone number: +34 988368100

General e-mail: tecnopole@tecnopole.es

Contact person:

Name: Beatriz Monfort

Position: Project Manager

Phone number: +34 988368100

E-mail: bea@tecnopole.es

Skype ID: beatriz.tecnopole

Soft Landing Facilities and Services:


  • 2.200 m² for business incubation
  • 255.000 m² of land distributed in plots of different surfaces for the construction of buildings for industry, technology or services.
  • 3.600 m² of offices for rent.
  • Coworking spaces.
  • Virtual Offices for Companies


  • Several meeting rooms, IP Videoconference and Assembly Hall.


  • 310 m² Biotechnology equipped laboratory available to companies and centres in order to facilitate access to necessary technology in the development of R&D innovation.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery Experimental Centre TECMEVA.
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General information:


Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia S.A. (Tecnópole) is responsible for managing a set of infrastructures, space, resources, capabilities and services to companies, entrepreneurs and projects that use them as tools for growth, innovation and knowledge.

Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia, S.A. (Tecnópole) started to develop its activity in 1993 and its participated by the regional  government  Xunta de Galicia (Galician Autonomous Government) and the three Galician Universities.

Tecnópole is situated in the town council of San Cibrao das Viñas , 12 km far from the city of Ourense and surrounded by the most important industrial areas of the province .

There are two airports (Vigo an Santiago de Compostela) less than an hour ago and a fast train direct from Madrid.


  • Business Incubator: 2,200 m2 aimed both to entrepreneurs who want to start their business, as companies or departments that are interested in developing innovative projects with a technological component. The permitted stay is up to 5 years.
  • Offices for rent: 3,600 m² of offices for rent in two buildings (Tecnópole I and Tecnópole II). The rental period is free and the company can choose the size and the distribution that is best suited to its needs.
  • Plots: 255,000 m2 of land distributed in plots of different surfaces for the construction of buildings for industry, technology or services.
  • Coworking Spacce: Tecnópole offers a distinguished space aimed at the work shared among professionals seeking benefits and flexibility of use, open 365 days a year. From only 12 € per day and 100 € per month)
  • Biotechnology Laboratory: located in Tecnópole I Building, with 310 m², divided into three working areas: physical-chemical testing laboratory, microbiological testing laboratory and space for training and administrative tasks.


General Services:

  • Reception service and attention to visits
  • Security and access control
  • Maintenance of facilities and infrastructure
  • Extensive sports facilities and heliport
  • Classrooms and meeting rooms
  • Nursery School
  • Cafeteria/ Restaurant

Support in business advice:

  • Supporting economic growth
  • Advice and support actions in business development
  • Advice on internationalization
  • Advice on intellectual and industrial property
  • Support in business promotion
  • Management and funding of projects
  • Promotion and management of technology transfer and knowledge
  • Support for business communication and media support
  • Language service
  • Legal advice
  • Environmental advice
  • Science popularization

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