The Association of Science and Technology Park of Spain

APTE has 61 members:

  • 51 of them are Full Members, that is to say, fully operational.
  • 1 is an Affiliate Member, that is under development.
  • 8 Collaborators, an entity that have an interest in the development of parks.
  • 1 Honour member.

Our mission is to be the Spanish system of science and technology parks, meeting point of reference for all players in the Spanish innovation system and provider of network services to parks and their stakeholders.

To contribute to these purposes, APTE develops, among others, the following activities:

  • Promotion and dissemination of the role and importance of science adn technology parks as the interface between science and business and its socioeconomic impact.
  • Support for the creation, development and internationalization of science and technology parks.
  • Representation of science and technology parks in national and international forums.
  • Fostering collaboration, technology transfer and business internationalization.
  • Dissemination of scientific and technological advances taking place in the environment fo the parks.
  • Development of alliances and partnerships with other players in the innovation systems, both nationally and internationally, for the development of science and technology parks and their resident companies.

Our main important services to our members:

  • 1Advice on business internationalization.
  • 2Support on organization of brokerage events.
  • 3Advice on communication and social networks.
  • 4Technical assistances to foster our Affiliate members´ growth.
  • 5Promotion of our member activities.
  • 6Organization of cooperative projects.

Soledad Diaz Campos

Managing Director
Soledad Díaz Managing Director - APTE

Carmen García

Chief of Administration Department
Carmen García Head of Administration Department APTE

Lole Franco González

Chief of Communication Department

Laura Ruiz Campos

Communication Department
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