Sao Jose Dos Campos Technology Park

Sao José dos Campos Technology Park



Park information:

Country: Brazil

City: São José dos Campos

Address: Avenida Doutor Altino Bondensan, 500 – Distrito de Eugênio de Melo 12247 – 016 – São José dos Campos / SP – Brasil


Phone number: +55 (12) 3878 – 9500

General e-mail:


Contact person:

Name: Rodrigo Mendes

Position: International Business Development

Phone number: +55 (12) 9917 – 76229


Skype ID: mendesrodrigo


Soft landing Facilities and Services:

  • Offices (m2): Free Coworking Space for up to 6 months
  • Meeting Rooms: Free use of meeting rooms
  • Specific R&D infrastructures: Subsidised Fees for lab usage:
    • Laboratory of Light Structures
    • Laboratory of Simulation and Critical Systems
    • Center of Development in Advanced Manufacturing


Free of charge orientation and support on:

  • Connections and networking opportunities with the Vale do Paraíba Metropolitan business community;
  • Domestic market research;
  • Access to experts  and consultancy concerning import/export, taxation and business laws;
  • Access to training and meeting rooms;
  • Intellectual property protection assistance;
  • Assistance with government documents and licenses;
  • Assistance with meeting government regulations;
  • Access to press release creation and distribution;

Subsidised fees on Business Consulting regarding to:


  • Search for private and public funding opportunities
  • Evaluation and elaboration of Projects

Legal Advice

  • Tax and Tax Advice
  • Consulting in Negotiation
  • National and international contracts
  • Audits

Solutions in RD & I (Laboratories)

  • Development, prototyping and product mechanics at the Advanced Manufacturing Development Center
  • Development and simulation in engineering systems in the Laboratory of Simulation and Critical Systems – CFD

Communication and Marketing

  • Strategic marketing
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Press office
  • Digital marketing
  • Collection Recovery
  • Communication for Events
  • Organization of Events/Fairs
  • Film and Visual Production


  • Courses, Lectures and Training
  • Preparation for certification

Brands and patents

  • Brand management
  • Brand Restructuring
  • IP description database

Planning and Process Management

  • Quality management
  • Project development
  • Development of Products and Materials
  • Financial management
  • Organizational Management
  • Electronic Waste Management
  • Management of Public Policies
  • Strategic planning
  • Process Automation (Software)
  • Energy Management
  • Certification of Systems and Products
  • Development and Creation of Franchises

HR and People Management

  • Partnerships
  • Internationalization
  • People management
  • Productivity Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Digital Solutions
  • Coaching
  • Engineering Programs / Systems
  • Behavioural Mapping

Supply Chain

  • National and International Logistics
  • Customs Clearance
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General information:

An environment of convergence focused on competitiveness and sustainable development – this is the São José dos Campos Technology Park, which houses three business incubators, four business centres, two Local Clusters, four technology development centres, three multi-user laboratories, a business office, six partner universities and three entrepreneurial galleries.

Altogether there are more than 300 companies linked to the park:

51 Resident companies – small, medium and large (anchors);

36 Incubated companies – microenterprises and start-ups;

94 Companies associated with Aerospace and Defense Cluster;

67 Associated with TICVale – ICT Cluster;

26 Small companies in Entrepreneur’s Galleries (minishoppings);

04 Institutes of science and technology;

05 Teaching and research institutes;

03 Entities of civil society;

04 Technology Development Centres;

03 Companies located in ZEPTec (TechPark Special Zone)

The park has contracts and partnerships to raise funds with Finep, APEX, ABDI, Sebrae, SDECTI-SP, BNDES. And it has cooperation agreements with the aerospace clusters of Canada, Sweden, England, the Netherlands, as well as two technology parks and Chinese government institutions.

The core area totals 188 thousand square meters, which is the central part of the TechPark Special Zone (Zeptec) project area with a total of 2,500 hectares. The built area keeps growing, with the permanent construction of new buildings to house companies, laboratories and universities.

Since its inception, the Park has raised a total investment of R$ 2.10 billion. The public resources (R $ 449 million) come from the municipal government of São José dos Campos, the State of São Paulo Government and the Brazilian federal government. Private investments totalled R$ 1.6 billion.

Consistent with the city characteristics, the Technology Park houses important companies in the aerospace sector. However, it is not a exclusive aerospace park: there are companies from various segments of the economy, such as automotive, energy, oil and gas, health, textiles, ICT and transportation, among others.

Business Centres

The business centres total 39 thousand square meters of floor space. In Centres I and II there are SME´s; in Centres III and IV (recently opened), companies and large institutions.

The Park offers these companies physical space and basic infrastructure to house their facilities and personnel. It also offers management training services and networking opportunities with other companies, research institutions and funding agents.

Technology Development Centres

One feature of the São José dos Campos Technology Park is its four Technology Development Centres (TDC´s). Each TDC has a company or anchor institution, which presents technological demands to be developed by the other members of the respective TDC (other companies and research institutions).

Centres already installed or in the process of being installed are:

– Centre for Technology Innovation in Health (CITS);

– Centre for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies and Multimedia (CDTIC);

– Centre for Technology Development of Aeronautics (CDTA);

– Technology Development Centre for Construction and Urban Development (CDTCC).

Real Estate Management

To contribute to the companies in their efforts for innovation and competitiveness, the Park prioritizes investments and establishes partnerships in the construction and installation of multiuser research laboratories.

Three laboratories are in operation:

– Light Structures Laboratory;

– Laboratory of Simulation and Critical Systems;

– Advanced Manufacturing Development Centre;

Two others are being projected:

– Laboratory of Compatibility and Electromagnetic Interference;

– Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing and Virtual Prototyping.

University Park

One of the purposes of the Technology Park is to promote the approximation between higher education and innovative entrepreneurship. To favour this environment there is an area of 760 thousand square meters, destined to educational institutions, called Parque das Universidades. In this area, there are already two campuses of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) and the Technology College (Fatec). Two other Universities work in buildings inside the TechPark buildings – the Paulista State University (Unesp) and the Anhembi Morumbi University (UAM). Altogether, these institutions add up to a community of five thousand people, among teachers, students and researchers that circulate daily in the park areas.

Soon, units of the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI) and of the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) will be installed. There is also a partnership with the University of Vale do Paraíba (Univap), which operates outside the Technological Park area.

Business Incubator and Accelerator

The Business Incubator of the Technology Park offers the possibility of pre-incubation in a co-working system, a phase that precedes the incorporation of the company. The goal is to house new businesses that stand out as innovative and promising in the market. The great attraction is the business environment and collaboration network provided to the new entrepreneur, transforming projects and ideas into new companies and contributing to the economic development of the region.

The Technology Park is also responsible for the management of the Municipal Incubator Program, which includes the Aeronautical Technological Base Incubator (INCUBAERO), located in the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA) and the Technology Incubator of Univap, which operates on the campus of this university.

Local Strategic Clusters – (Local Productive Arrangement – APL)

Currently, there are two clusters that develop and coordinate programs aimed at generating opportunities for new businesses and in the companies’ capacity to foster competitiveness, innovation and the sustained growth of productive chains.

  • TICVale – ICT Cluster

The Information and Communication Technology Cluster – TICVale was created in 2011 and today brings together 77 companies that work in the development of hardware, software and IT services, focusing on retail, smart cities and industry 4.0. This cluster seeks to provide a friendly environment for technology development and continuous process, aligned with market practices, and provide permanent training to manage products and services recognized as world-class solutions. It also encourages the implementation of best practices in management and people management to support the growth of member companies.

  • Brazilian Aerospace and Defense Cluster

It was formed in 2009 and brings together 92 companies from the aerospace and defence sectors. Its anchor company is Embraer. In all, there are 23 thousand jobs and annual revenues of the US $ 7 billion. Most companies operate in consulting, engineering, services, manufacturing and defence and security.

At Brazilian Aerospace Cluster there are companies from six Brazilian states; most of them (60%), however, is based in São José dos Campos (SP), some within the Technology Park.

Several benefits are offered by the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster to associated companies, such as participation in national and international fairs, trade missions, business roundtables, consortium formation. And there are programs aimed at internationalization, training and certification.

Business Office

It aims to collaborate with companies to help them in their development with the market. For this, among other services, offers advice in the elaboration of proposals for raising financial resources in innovation projects; advisory services in product development and engineering; and support in the formation of key competences for the competitive insertion SMEs in the market. It also offers advice on patenting and trademark registration, marketing advice, logistics and continuous improvement, among other services. The Business Office administers and finances projects, as well as accountability, planning, execution, monitoring and control in various types of initiatives. The services of the Business Office can also be provided to companies not linked to the Technology Park.

Entrepreneur Galleries Program

Coordinated by the Secretariat of Innovation and Economic Development of São José dos Campos City Government, this program is administered by the Technology Park, which selects the entrepreneurs, removing them from informality, and constantly empowers them for the success of their businesses. Called «minishopping», the Entrepreneur Galleries are shopping centres that foster socio-economic entrepreneurship in vulnerable neighbourhoods far from city centre. They work in commerce and services, such as stationery shops, clothing stores and beauty salons, among others. Offering economic development and social impact for the neighbourhood.

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