Feevale Techpark



Park information:

Country: Brazil

City: Campo Bom & Novo Hamburgo

Web: www.feevaletechpark.com.br

Phone number: +55 51 3597-5800

General e-mail: techpark@feevale.br


Contact person:

Name: Daniela Eckert

Position: Executive Manager

Phone number: +55 51 3597-5800

E-mail: danielaeckert@feevale.br


Soft landing Facilities and Services:

  • Offices (m2): 10 to 23m²
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Specific R&D infrastructures
    • Health Sciences Labs
    • Prototyping Labs
    • Creative Industry Labs
  • Services:
    • Assistance in the installation of the company in Brazil.
    • Access to local, regional, national and international business networks.
    • Support in the establishment of connections with local entities and companies.
    • Meeting with companies and local entities, in order to establish new contacts.
    • Support in the location search for the final establishment of the company.
    • Tutoring and monitoring of the company by the staff of Feevale Techpark.
    • Advice in the search for R & D funding
    • Information and advice on incentives and possible financing programs, at local, regional and national level.
    • Kit with information about the Techpark companies and their markets, the city and the region.
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General information:


Feevale Techpark is an extension of Feevale University where innovation and entrepreneurship are encouraged in a multicampus and multisector environment. It offers spaces where companies and research centers can reside and interact. Feevale Techpark promotes the proximity between the university and companies, fostering the technological transfer, business competitiveness and the promotion of new business, products, processes and services.

Feevale Techpark is home to companies based on R&D in materials and nanotechnology, healthcare sciences and biotechnology, environmental sciences and renewable energy, creative industry and ICT. The park has a range of solutions to suit businesses requiring land to build their own facilities and the flexibility to support companies from small to large sizes in rental spaces.

Feevale Tech Incubator

The growing number of young people concerned with entrepreneurship and business expansion and the need to allocate business activities and successful experiences in the national and international arena have inspire Feevale Techpark Incubator to focus on three main actions:

– High quality advisory and consultancy;

– Spaces to think and stimulate innovation;

– Mentoring program

Feevale Techpark is committed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship through all its programs with the participation of the university, the private and public sector as well as members of the local community.


Both Techpark and Incubator have a complete infrastructure for collective use such as auditorium, meeting rooms, videoconference room, coworking space, among others, are available to entrepreneurs.

The Techpark and the University also has laboratories that can provide technological services, and can also be used by the resident companies as an extension of their infrastructure.

Feevale Techpark Labs:

Creativity and Innovation Prototyping Lab

Maker’ Space;

Thermal Conductivity Lab;

New Product Development Lab

Health Sciences Lab


University Labs:

Analytical Center;

Toxicological Analysis Lab;

Advanced Materials Lab;

Molecular Microbiology Lab;

Civil Construction Technical Lab.

Clinical Lab


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