Science and Technology Park Extremadura



Park information:

City: Badajoz

Address: Avda de Elvas s/n Edificio PCTEX


Phone number: +34 924014600

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Contact person:

Name: Julio Yuste

Position: Director of Infrastructures

Phone number: +34 924 01 4600


Skype ID: pctextremadura


Soft landing Facilites and Services:

  • 15.000 m2
  • Auditorium
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General information:

The Science and Technology Park of Extremadura is located at the University of Extremadura, within its campuses in Cáceres and Badajoz.

Two plots, one of 12 hectares in Cáceres and another of 8.5 in Badajoz, guarantee the space necessary for the development and expansion of the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura. At urban level, it is a privileged space to work in, which promotes collaboration and relationships between researchers and between companies, with large green areas, with fluid paths, and provided with equipments ideal for developing research. Architecturally, we have buildings that enhance the quality of the work environment, creating spaces with luminosity, flexibility, optimal conditions of thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as energy savings. All spaces of PCTEx are conceived as unique spaces, perfectly adapted to host innovative companies and entities, and equipped with the infrastructure and technological equipment necessary for a proper development of its activity.


The park houses R&D departments of large companies, as well as those SMEs and other innovation entities, that is to say, those whose business object focuses on research, technological development and innovation (R+D+i). They all benefit from the scientific and technological services offered by the Park. Companies can be settled in two ways: ascribing to the Park as residents in the same or constructing its own building within the soil of the Park.

PCTEx has available to companies wishing to settle in the same the following spaces:

1) The so called Buildings of the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura on the University Campuses of Cáceres and Badajoz, with an area of 6,000 square meters each and a total investment of around 12 million euros. They are the first buildings located on the grounds of the Park on the University Campuses of Cáceres and Badajoz.

The building of Badajoz is the headquarters of the management team of Fundecyt-PCTEx (management body of the Park) and main incubator of innovative companies and institutions. Currently, more than 60 are established there.

            In the building of Cáceres the ground floor is currently the headquarters of the CENITs Centre of IBM / INSA in Extremadura, occupying more than 2,200 square meters and in which more than 280 workers perform their daily work. At the top of the building there are two companies, Fitex – Ilunion and Homeria, occupying another 100 square meters.

 2) The Centre for Research and Development in Information Technology and Communications, CEINNTEC, located on the grounds of PCTEx in Badajoz, aims to develop and promote a strong ICT business network in Extremadura, it is aimed at developing R&D projects of ICT character. It is currently the headquarters of the Software Labs which INDRA has in Extremadura and more than 320 people are working in the building.


 GENERAL SERVICES: Access to broadband network services, housing, security systems and concierge, maintenance of facilities, access to all common infrastructure.

OTHER COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES TO BE AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE: legal services, Access to libraries and sports facilities of the University and support services for research.

ADVANCED SERVICES: The advanced services offered by PCTEx are grouped around an itinerary composed of 4 phases:

  1. Business Idea. Advice on the development of the business idea.
  • Feasibility analysis of the business idea
  • Market analysis
  • Technological Surveillance
  1. Business Project. Support in the realization of the business project.
  • Analysis of the business model and advice on the business project
  • Search for technological partners
  • Information on company forms
  • Analysis and advice on industrial/intellectual property
  • Information on funding, both public and private
  1. Creation and launching. Accompaniment in the creation and launching of the company. Addressed mainly to companies based on innovation and knowledge.
  • Funding
  • Processing and grant management
  • Incubation and hosting services
  • Access to laboratories
  • Business development
  • Support services for research and development
  • Search and selection of staff
  1. Consolidation and expansion. Support services for the consolidation and expansion of the company.
  • Advanced training
  • Advanced consulting services for the business expansion
  • Search for strategic alliances
  • Innovation meetings
  • Organisation of investment forums
  • Intermediation in financing
  • Generation of networks
  • Strategy
  • Support for internationalization

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