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PTP – Science Park



Park information:

City: Lodi

Address: Via Albert Einstein – Loc Cascina Codazza


Phone number: +39 03714662200

General e-mail:


Soft landing Facilites and Services:

  • 4 temporary offices of22 square meters each, 12 co-working stations, residential offices with dedicated space.
  • 6 meeting rooms with large tables and chairs, Conference room (16.70 meters long, 13.20 wide) with a maximum capacity of 200 seats.
  • Specific R&D infrastructures:

Customizable laboratories (e.g. molecular biology), genomics core, bioinformatics core, flow cytometry core, business incubator&accelerator.

  • Services: 

Genomics, bioinformatics and flow cytometry analysis, product DNA quality certification.

  • Business Incubation: Business idea development, business modelling and sustainability, technological due diligence and mentoring towards BA and VC.
  • Business Acceleration: development of managerial systems towards business development, funding access (risk and debt capital, public/private funding), high vocational managerial training, business case for strategy and new products/technologies development, industrial scale-up management, scientific marketing projects, industrial/scientific partner search.
  • Grant Office: scouting for funding opportunities, partnership building, project proposal drafting, submission and in-itinere management of regional, national and EU funded projects, project coordination, technical and financial reporting.
  • International networking: PTP is able to address a wide and well established network of international partners developed through previous and current international and intra-cluster activities.
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General information:

PTP is the leading Italian Science and Technology Park operating in the Agrifood,Bioeconomy and Life Sciences  sectors. PTP Core Facilities and Research Units offer services to companies to promote innovation and create value to increase competitiveness.

With Alimenta, its business accelerator, PTP supports the creation of new businesses.

A full range of support from skills to people and technical tools is being offered to aspiring entrepreneurs: customizable laboratories and office space are available to develop activities.

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