The Canarian Science and Technology Park Foundation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Park Information:

  • Country: Spain
  • City: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Address: C/ Practicante Ignacio Rodríguez, s/n, Parque Científico Tecnológico, Campus Universitario de Tafira
  • Web:

Contact Person:

  • Name: Paula Honaine
  • Position: Business Promotion Unit
  • Phone Number: +34 928 459 920
  • Email:

Soft landing Facilities and Services:

  • Offices (m2): 13 to 60 m²
  • Meeting and training rooms
  • Conference and event halls
  • Indoor and outdoor chill out areas, coffee break spaces and lunchroom
  • Services: Networking, R&D and innovation Project Management and Funding Search, Management of Collaborative Partnership Agreements between University Research Groups, Companies and/or Public Bodies at a regional, national and European level.
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Photos: Zhana Yordanova

General information


Located in the Canary Islands, internationally renowned as a tourist destination for its excellent climate, magnificent scenery, moderate cost of living, political stability and a wide range of services available, make it an idyllic destination for global entrepreneurs.

Due to its geographic location, the Canaries also enjoy a privileged position as a connection platform between Europe, Africa and America.

Tax benefits

Being located in the Canary Islands means your company can benefit from the following advantages:

The Reserve for Investments in the Canary Islands (RIC). You may enjoy a reduction of up to 90% on non-distributed net profits for taxable income and a deduction to the comprehensive contribution to IRPF (Impuesto Sobre la Renta de Personas Físicas – Personal Income Tax) on net operations income destined for the RIC Reserve for Investments (direct estimation.)

There are deductions for investments in Fixed Assets: these incentives allow a 25% tax deduction on the contribution, for investment in fixed assets. Greater tax deductions, corresponding  to general Spanish taxation conditions corresponding to investments in activities such as R&D&I, vocational training, export, Information Technologies, export activities, environmental investments, activities of cultural interest investments and others.

There is a 50% fiscal bonus on the profits obtained from the sale of tangible goods, which have been produced in the Canaries.

There is exemption from property transfer tax and stamp duty (ITP and AJD.)

You will be able to register in the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC.) The ZEC is a zone paying lower Corporate Income Tax (4%) to provide incentives for the establishment of new companies, with the condition that there is minimum stipulated investment and creation of employment.

The Canary Islands General Indirect Tax (IGIC is a similar tax to mainland Spanish VAT (IVA) but specific to the Canaries and with lower rates. The general rate is 6,5%.



When a company moves into our premises, it joins a community of enterprises, which are at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our contact network is also wired to the external environment and available to make the most of your experience.

Technology Transfer Office

We manage our local University Technology Transfer Office.

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) has over a 100 research groups, 11 research institutes, 5 research centers, and more than 1.400 researchers working on a range of top subjects including, among others: Blue Biotechnology, Bio-Health Engineering and Technology, Renewables Energies, Information and Knowledge Technology. It is also included among the top 75 universities in the Shanghai Ranking, one of the most important world university rankings, in the area of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

R&D and Innovation Project Management

  • Funding search support
  • Researcher and business partners search
  • Researcher mobility and talent attraction support
  • Project drafting and partnership agreements support
  • Economic and administrative management of collaborative projects
  • Specialised support in European Projects (H2020, COSME)

Congress, conference and workshop organisation



  • 13 m² to 60 m²
  • Internet connection
  • Structured voice/data cabling
  • Basic cleaning of work space
  • Furnished office, telephone and reception
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week access

Common areas

  • Reception area and service
  • Meeting and training rooms
  • Conference and event halls
  • Indoor and outdoor chill out areas, coffee break spaces and lunchroom
  • Photocopier/printer
  • Parking
  • Safety and maintenance

Meeting and training rooms

The rooms are suitable for holding events, meetings and training activities, related to economic promotion and/or business innovation and technology.

All rooms are equipped with internet access, tables and chairs. The buildings where the rooms are located have a parking area (free), vending machines, Wi-Fi (free), outdoor recreation areas.

There is additional payment equipment, whose conditions and prices may be consulted in the following link


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