The Scientific and Technological Park of Vale do Taquari – TECNOVATES



Park information:

Country: Brazil

City: Lajeado

Address: Av. Alberto Muller, 1151 – Carneiros. Lajeado, RS


Phone number: +55 51 3714 – 7017

General e-mail:

Contact person:

Name: Simone Stülp

Position: Director of Innovation and Sustainability

Phone number: +55 51 3714-7017   /  extension 5908



Soft landing Facilities and Services:

  • Offices: 10 to 80 m2
  • Meeting Rooms: Two meeting rooms, unlimited hours according to availability.
  • Coworking space
  • Auditorium
  • Specific R&D infrastructures:
    • Startup Incubator;
    • Health Sciences Labs;
    • Creative Industry Labs;
    • Food Lbs;
    • Biocontrol (Mite) Lab;
    • Renewable Energy (Bioreactor) Lab;
    • Electrochemistry Lab;
    • Business Incubation Program
    • Botanic Lab.
  • Services
    • Assistance in the installation of the company in Brazil.
    • Access to local and regional business networks.
    • Support in the establishment of connections with local entities and companies.
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General information:

The Scientific and Technological Park of Vale do Taquari is an area for innovation, an initiative of Univates which counts on the support of public and private entities. It offers structure for Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) to people, national and international companies, mainly in the areas of food technology, environmental and energy technologies, and technologies in health and wellbeing, having as support information technologies and creative industry.

Partnership in RD&I Projects

Tecnovates focus is on the partnership between university and company. Through research, development and innovation, the Park contributes with partner and established companies companies in the development of products, processes and innovative services.


The Technology Incubator of Univates- Inovates aims to support new entrepreneurs in the production and delivery of services characterized by the technological content and by the innovation of their processes and results. All startups are offered mentoring in the areas of management, market, finance, technology and entrepreneurship.



Collective work environment linked to Tecnovates. It provides partner and startups, Univates students, and the general community with a shared space for work and for the exchange of experiences among the entrepreneurs.


The Park total areas are 33.952 m2 divided in administration office, coworking space, auditorium, laboratories, and companies offices.

– Pilot plant of Dairy Products;
– Laboratory of Food Chemistry;
– Laboratory of Food Biotechnology
– Laboratory of Food Microbiology
– Laboratory of Waste and Energy Management
– Laboratory of Electrochemical Characterization
– Laboratory of Acarology
– Laboratory of Botanical Research
– Center for the Study of Biogas and Renewable Energies
– Environmental Laboratory
– Laboratory of Creative Industry


  • Physical space for installation
  • Living area
  • Reception service
  • Internet
  • Telephony
  • Auditorium and meeting room
  • Surveillance
  • Parking

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