Sorocaba Technology Park - Softlanding in Enterprise Eurolodging

Sorocaba Technology Park



Park information:

Country: Brasil

City: Sorocaba

Address: AV. Itavuvu, 11.777


Phone number: +55 15 34166160

General e-mail:


Contact person:

Name: Flavio Guerhardt

Position: Innovation Director

Phone number: +55 15 34166166



Soft landing Facilities and Services:

  • Offices (m2): up to 6 months free Co-working spaces (for 2 people – table, chairs, individual cabinet and drawer)
  • Meeting Rooms: (unlimited hours according to availability)
  • Specific R&D infrastructures:
    • LabCAE-PTS ( Computer Assisted Engendering Softwares)
    • Prototyping Lab
  • Services:
    • Tax affairs
    • Doing business in Brazil
    • Immigration support
    • Business development
    • Access to market
    • Contact to partners R&D institutions
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General information:


The city of Sorocaba has 700.000 inhabitants and is a vibrant industrial and business-oriented city. With 14 universities/colleges and more than 50k students, the city GDP is the 19th bigger in Brazil and the 8th in São Paulo State.

The Sorocaba Technology Park (STP) has 40 companies, 8 university labs and25 startups covering energy, mobility, IoT/Ind4.0 and Health sectors.



The STP has 12km² of building and 120 hectares of land to be leased for companies and R&D institutions.

The park provides Congress Center, Labs, Restaurant, Cafe, Gym, Co-working and meeting rooms.


Product Development

Technology transfer

Partnership University – Company

Funding for PD & I



Incentives and tax benefits to innovation

Legal advice

Intellectual property

Project development

Land in this Park