Alava Technology Park



Park information:

City: Vitoria

Address: C/ Hermanos Lumiere,11. 01510 Vitoria – Gasteiz (Álava)


Phone number: +34 945010055

General e-mail:


Contact person:

Name: Victoria del Río

Position: Innovation Manager

Phone number: +34 945010055



Soft landing Facilites and Services:

  • Offices (m2)

For rent:

Available spaces: 16 – 1,400 m²

Monthly price:

  • Equipped modules: from 9.22 €/m²
  • Average community expenses: 1.87-2.25 €/m²

 Purchase of office spaces:

Available premises: 48-1,400 m²

Price: 1,400 – 3,000 €/m²

 Purchase of plots:

Available land for construction of own buildings: 2,000 – 63,000 m² (40% – 50% available to build)

Price: 100 – 120 €/m²


  • Meeting Rooms

 Events organisation

 The Alava Technology Park is an excellent setting for all kind of company encounters. Its facilities are specially designed for holding forums, conferences and training courses. The company that manages the rooms and congress spaces is in charge of the rent and optimization of rooms, the centralization and the management of all the services required by the client for the event: audiovisual montages, hostesses, interpreting, catering, technical secretariat, etc.

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The Alava Technology Park is a reference environment regarding Research, Development and Innovation in the Basque Country, with a high flow of innovating companies devoting more than 10% of their investment to R&D&I, as well as an outstanding scientific-technological community integrated by researchers of Technology Centres, corporate R&D Units and R&D&I coordination agents.

Likewise, the Management Company of the Alava Technology Park actively promotes R&D&I in its environment through different activities: creation of inter-corporate relations and collaborations, promotion of technology and knowledge transfer, diffusion of technology and innovation culture, support to enterprising activities and creation of new technology-based companies, as well as the management of aids for R&D projects of the entities of the Park.

 In short, the Alava Technology Park has become an essential structure for the renovation and diversification of production activity, offering the necessary supports for positioning technology projects and having a decisive contribution to the technological progress and to the economic development of the territory.



Company services area

Comprised of ten potentially interesting service companies for the Park’s businesses, the purpose of the Company Services Area is to provide and bring the most requested services for business and industrial activities closer to the companies themselves. The services area is located in office 14 of the Central Building. The service companies will be open one morning each week, and as such, a prior appointment will be required to make use of their services.

Service of Advanced Telecommunications Infrastructures

The Alava Technology Park is equipped with the most modern telecommunications infrastructures available for the companies. It as a local network of optical fibre with direct access to other networks, allowing data transmission between the Parks of the Basque Network, as well as with other technology companies or research centres. It has a WIFI Network for Internet access and it is integrated in the academic network I2Bask and in the RedIRIS, allowing the Park and its Companies and Research Centres (R&D&I community) to access broadband communication networks and the services related to these infrastructures.

Other services

  • Security Service
  • Maintenance Service
  • Bus Service
  • Catering Service
  • Dining Room
  • Reading Room
  • Changing Rooms


General information:

Founded in 1992, the Technology Park of Álava is a bet of the of the Basque Public Administration (Basque Government, provincial Council of Álava and Town Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz) with the aim to diversify the Basque business network towards the company of the future, promoting the following features in the same environment:

The unbeatable geographic location –at the best communication node with the roads N-1, N-240, the Vitoria/Eibar highway, the highway to Bilbao and the Airport– makes the Alava Technology Park a strategic place for corporate implementation and development.

The Technology Park shows an avant-garde urban development, with a low-density building that allows combining landscaped and clean surroundings with an innovative and technological corporate development. The Park is made of corporate units in different and complementary technology sectors providing the perfect setting for innovation. Moreover, the Park is equipped with the most appropriate services for the companies, regarding safety, security, communication networks, and transport and congress organisation.

Mission, Vision and Values

The Alava Technology Park’s mission is to decisively contribute to technological development and innovation in Alava, in a sustainable way, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and transfer of technology between businesses, technology agents and universities, promoting the creation and growth of innovating businesses and offering top quality installations and added value services.

The Alava Technology Park’s vision is defined in its consolidation as a benchmark in business innovation and technological development in Euskadi and as an international model.

Thus, the Park should act in the vanguard of innovation, belonging to networks, and promoting technology and knowledge transfer, to continue to be a benchmark in the introduction and development of technologically advanced businesses. In this way, it can continue to be a benchmark in the future, contributing to increasing the competitive edge of the businesses and providing society with added value.


  • Innovation
  • Customer orientation
  • Collaboration/Cooperation
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Social commitment

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