Social Innovation Enterprise Eurolodging

Social Innovation Science Park



Park information:

Country: Colombia

City: Bogotá

Address: CLL 90 #87 – 69


Phone number: +57 1 5933004

General e-mail:


Contact person:

Name: Miguel Ángel González Palacios

Position: Dirección Plataforma de Proyectos

Phone number: +57 3164764283

E-mail: mgonzalezap@uniminuto.edusocial

Skype id: miguelgon2000


Soft landing Facilities and Services:

  • Offices (m2): 3735 m2
  • Meeting Rooms:  Three meeting rooms
  • Specific R&D infrastructures:
    • Centre1
    • Institute2
  • Services:
    • Project Articulation Services
    • Information Services and Pedagogical Services
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General information:

The mission of the PCIS is to promote science-based social innovation, by articulating researchers and communities in projects where governments, companies, municipalities of Cundinamarca, universities, donors and community members work together towards the solution of social problems.


The PCIS has co-creation spaces, specialized lay environments, incubation spaces and educational development.


We have Hydraulic and Piping Laboratory, Construction Materials Laboratory, Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Soil Laboratory, Pavement Laboratory, Chemistry and Thermodynamics Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory, Interconnectivity and Networks Laboratory, Ergonomics Laboratory, Health and Occupational Safety, Laboratory of Methods and Times, Cisco Academy, Logistics Laboratory, Modeling Laboratory, 3D and Digital Animation, Covi Laboratory, Dolby audio laboratory and folie recording studio, multiplite mixing, The finalization laboratory and video edition coloring 3D, Editing Room, Multiple Room and meeting room, co-creation spaces, lego laboratories and office spaces.


Project Articulation Services:

  • Support for structuring science and technology projects
  • Integral Project Management
  • Assistance for the development of partnerships and alliances
  • Social Innovation Consultancy
  • Funding for social innovation projects
  • Articulation between communities and researchers
  • Guidance for thesis on social innovation
  • Consultancy on knowledge transfer to communities
  • Facilities for SI projects and research groups
  • Incubation for social entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Spin-off creation

Information Services:

  • Shaping social technologies
  • Geographical Information Systems (SIG) for social problems, needs and innovations
  • Measurement of social innovation – indicators
  • Systematization of social innovation experiences
  • Knowledge maps
  • Guidance, resources and information related to Social Innovation

Pedagogical services

  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Social Innovation courses
  • Training on the use of social technologies
  • Events and fairs

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