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The next APTE International Conference will take place on 16 May in the Rectorate of the University of Malaga, under the auspices of Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. 

The XVII edition will focus on blockchain technology. To this end, opinions and different perspectives on the subject will be shown. Not only will we talk about this disruptive technology at an institutional level, but the conference will offer a practical point of view with case studies of success.

Among the speakers, we will have the participation of experts on the topics and representatives of the European Commission and international Science and Technology parks.


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Disruptive Technologies: Why Blockchain?



During the last few years, a set of disruptive technologies have been developed at a global level with the capacity to transform the world in which we live, either independent by themselves or threaded with each other.  

Blockchain emerges as a technology initially linked to cybercoin such as bitcoin, but day by day it becomes more a new disruptive model of transformation of economic and administrative relations that can transform many paradigms of today's society. This fact causes great enthusiasm that fosters the development of new projects and applications related to this technology.

 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía


Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía will organize the XVII Edition of the APTE International Conference 

During this conference, an analysis of this type of technology, its current and future situation and the most outstanding use cases will be carried out.

This conference aims to create a bridge between the Blockchain world and the traditional economy, highlighting the importance of this new technology. In this sense, science and technology parks have to develop an active role in anticipating these new waves of innovation and promoting knowledge and access to these new chains of blocks.

On 16 May, the organizers of this event (PTA, APTE, IASP, UMA and Unicaja Banco) intend that Malaga becomes the capital of reference in Blockchain, placing these entities, the city and the region as the international epicenter of the debate on the latest innovations in Blockchain.

 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía


Inaugurated in 1992, has become a major centre of innovative attraction in Andalusia and Europe, with technology and innovation as key factor for its development.

Beyond the balance of positive and satisfactory figures, nearly 636 companies installed, more than 18,000 employees and more than 1750 million annual turnover (2017 data).




The PTA is an international benchmark that can be described as a focus of attraction for favorable innovative companies, an ecosystem for companies and entrepreneurs of high technology and the main place of investment technology in Andalusia.

The PTA has had a cooperative role between companies and universities representing a model for creating an innovative space in an environment of international companies.




Rector’s Office of the University of Malaga,

         Av. De Cervantes, 2, 29016 Malaga, Spain



  16 may 2019



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