Contributions of the Basque Technology Park Network to the COVID-19 pandemic


1.- Creation of a direct information channel with its network of companies in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the Health Emergency came into force in the Basque Country last March 13, the general management of the Basque Technology Park Network has established a direct information channel with the top managers of the companies installed in the technology parks of Alava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, mainly general directors and managers, in order to carry out joint work in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Objective? This channel aims to guarantee truthful information on the possible repercussions of the pandemic on companies, enabling them to make the right decisions, both on people and on services to be provided in buildings and facilities. Likewise, this channel contemplates the necessary mechanisms to attend to the needs that arise when maintaining the activity in the so-called essential companies, according to the requirements established after the entry into force of Royal Decree Law 10/2020, of 29 March.

Coordination. The implementation of this channel is to provide all the parties involved (Network of Technology Parks, companies, technology centres or public administration) with a coordinated and unified action protocol in the face of the appearance of risk situations linked to the coronavirus, in line with the measures and recommendations adopted by the Basque and Central Governments.

Responsibility. The Basque Technology Park Network is currently supporting a business ecosystem made up of 572 companies in the three territories (Alava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa), providing information through this same channel on any fiscal and economic measures, as well as their current procedures, that are being approved by the Basque Government to try to alleviate the consequences of this health crisis.

2.- Programme of stimulus measures before the COVID-19: Postponement of the payment of rent in companies established in the Basque Country Technology Park Network.

The Basque Government, in its Governing Council on 24 March, agreed on a series of measures aimed at companies and the self-employed with the aim of alleviating the negative effects of both the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and the economic crisis due to the cessation of industrial activity.

Together with other general measures created for the Basque business fabric, the Basque Government has promoted a specific one for companies established in the Basque Country Technology Park Network on a rental basis. For these, the Network itself has announced that it will provide indirect financing, deferring the collection of said rent. Both the general requirements and the procedure established to access the aid have already been made available to the companies.

3.- Extraordinary cleaning and disinfection services in the buildings of the Basque Technology Park Network.

The technical implementation and marketing area of the Basque Country Technology Park Network, which is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the buildings belonging to the Network, has been carrying out specific cleaning and disinfection work since the first cases of COVID-19 detected in the Basque Country, mainly affecting common areas to guarantee the health of company staff.

4.- Dissemination of the actions carried out by companies in the Basque Technology Park Network to combat COVID-19.

One of the strategic objectives of the Basque Technology Park Network is to contribute to making technology parks visible at local, national and international levels. For this reason, it has made its entire communication structure available to its companies (Web, Business Bulletin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram) to disseminate how many actions its companies are taking to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Cases such as Graphenea, I+Med, Optimus 3D, Mizar, CIC bioMAGUNE, CICbioGUNE, Progenika (Grifols group), Erictel or A3Z Advanced are, to date, some examples.  

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