Delegated Committee

APTE has 4 delegated committee led by its 4 vice presidents and focused on the following areas: technology transfer, financing, internationalization and governance.

The most important topics the Delegate committee delt with during the year 2019 are:

1. Delegated Committee of Financing:

This commission is presided by Antonio Verde, representing the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura

  • Detection and analysis of calls for aid and other instruments or new sources of funding for innovation.
  • Analysis of financial regulations of interest to APTE or its members.
  • Monitoring of APTE's activities in collaboration with the Pre-Market Environment.
  • Monitoring of APTE's activities in collaboration with ENISA.
  • Analysis of possibilities for active participation in the Cervera Programme.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the Association's annual accounts.
  • Development of thematic sessions to be held via Skype in which good practices in terms of financing are transmitted.

2. Delegated Committee of Internationalization:

This committee is presided by Josep M. Piqué, representing La Salle Technova

  • Follow-up and supervision of the organisation of the APTE International Conference.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the organisation of APTE's Iberian Meeting.
  • Promotion of APTE's participation in international forums, including those organised by IASP.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the operation of the Enterprise Eurolodging business softlanding promotion initiative.
  • Analysis of calls for proposals for international actions and projects.
  • Work plan for the cooperation agreement between APTE and the Iranian Park Network.
  • Establishment of contacts with international entities and institutions in order to develop potential collaborations.
  • Monitoring and development of the twinning programme with Tecparques.
  • Monitoring of the Digital Innovation Hubs activity.
  • Development of thematic sessions to be carried out via Skype to transmit good practices in the field of business internationalisation.

3. Delegated Committee on Technology Transfer:

This committee is presided by David Cabedo Semper in representation of Espaitec, Parc Científic Tecnològic i Empresarial de la Universitat Jaume I de Castelló.

  • Supervision and monitoring of the work plan of the APTE 2019 Technicians' Network.
  • Coordination of APTEFORMA's activities.
  • Meetings and work included in the manifesto between APTE, CRUE, AMETIC and FEDIT to help us position ourselves in the Cervera Programme. 
  • Development of the APTE 2019 prize for best practice in parks.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the organisation of the thematic workshops prior to the assemblies.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the development of the "Science and Technology in Women" project.
  • Monitoring of the new service to promote business collaboration via the APTE website.
  • Design of a work plan and development of a new APTE publication on R&D&I infrastructures in parks.
  • Monitoring and supervision of APTE's participation in TRANSFIERE.

4. Delegated Committee of Governance:

This commission is presided by Luis Pérez Díaz, representing the Cartuja Science and Technology Park.

  • Monitoring of the Association's formal obligations.
  • Regulatory updates of interest or compliance for the Association or its members.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the compliance procedure at APTE.
  • Supervision and compliance with APTE's quality system.
  • Supervision of the Steering Committee.
  • Development of procedures for the passage from members to partners.
  • Analysis and design of the APTE's activity satisfaction survey.
  • Monitoring of compliance with the Organic Act on Data Protection.
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