Delegated Committee

APTE has 4 delegated committee leading by 4 of its vice presidents and focused on the following areas: technology transfer, financing, internationalization and governance.

The most important topics that the Delegate committee are dealing with during 2017 are the following:

1. Delegated Committee of Financing:

  • Compilation of good practices on Innovative Public / Private Buy for the knowledge among the STPs and the advice for their implementation.
  • Support for the participation of the companies of the STPs in the platforms of Crowdfunding.
  • Analysis of the opportunities for the companies of the parks of the Plan of Investments for Europe.
  • Detection of new sources of funding for R & D & I.

2. Delegated Committee of Internationalization:

  • Promoting the portal for the promotion of softlanding of companies in Spanish parks (Enterprise Euroloding).
  • Encouraging relations between companies and Spanish and Brazilian STPs.
  • Fostering the presence of the Iberian parks at European level.
  • Promoting the potential of Spanish science and technology parks to welcome companies and entities from any part of the world who want to know and operate in the Spanish market.

3. Delegated Committee on Technology Transfer:

  • Design and execution of the work plan of the Project Officers Network.
  • Organization Best Practices award in parks 2017.
  • Organization of APTE workshops prior to the General Assemblies.
  • Organization of business meetings between science and technology parks.
  • Organization of training days for  Project Officeers Network  and companies of science and technology parks.

4. Delegated Committee of Governance:

  • Follow-up on the new reorientation of the APTE management plan for 2017.
  • Start up APTE Alumni group.
  • Follow up of quality management procedures in APTE.
  • Support for the transition from Affiliate category to Full Member to all those members interested in taking the step and who are able to do so.
  • Detection needs of APTE members.
  • Follow-up formal obligations of the Association.
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