Funding Opportunities beyond COVID-19!


Is the Covid-19 news highlight of the year, but many things still have to keep ongoing, right? That is why in this newsletter we wanted to keep things business as usual, gathering our current open calls for you to get equity-free funding, and more. Although some of them could contribute in the fight against Coronavirus. Keep reading until the end to discover some interesting webinars:

Funding Growth Opportunities

1. IMPACT EdTech first open call - Looking for digital education startups and SMEs! The European Incubator-Accelerator that helps tech education startups and SMEs turn ideas into market-ready products has launched its first call. IMPACT EdTech is looking for proposals to face challenges in personalised learning, inclusive education and skills development. Selected companies will receive up to €195,000 equity-free funding and will participate in an incubation-acceleration cycle. Powered by FundingBox, ISDI Accelerator and European Schoolnet. Apply before 30 June!

2. NGI POINTER - Funding the next generation ecosystem of Internet architects! NGI POINTER aims to find ambitious “NGI architects” to change the underlying fabric of the internet and the web, by supporting bottom-up projects that are able to build, on top of state-of-the-art research, scalable protocols and tools to assist in the practical transition or migration to new or updated technologies. Researchers, activists, open source specialists, sackers, software/hardware developers, get up to €200,000 equity-free funding and access a 12-months support framework programme. Apply before 1 June!

3. SMART4ALL first open call for Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE) - Calling for proposals to join an internship programme! SMART4ALL is looking for universities and other academic institutions, SMEs and slightly bigger companies, and system integrators and technology providers to join a 3-months internship programme between two different entities from two different European countries to get up to €8,000. The activities that qualify for financial support are related to the exchange of knowledge of Customised Low-Energy Computing (CLEC) for CyberPhysical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT), to be applied in four verticals: digitized transport, digitized environment, digitized agriculture, and digitized anything. Apply before 15 July!

4. TETRAMAX fourth open call for Bilateral Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX) - Looking for one academic and one industry partner! TETRAMAX will fund experiments with maximum €50,000 to fast‐track innovation in various Information and Communications Technology (ICT) based application domains: automotive electronics, cloud computing, communication technologies, cybersecurity, hardware/software codesign, low-energy computing, and medical and health applications, etc. Apply before 30 April!


5. WeldGalaxy first open call - Seeking manufacturing SMEs and welding equipment and consumables companies! WeldGalaxy is a knowledge-based B2B online platform that will bring together global buyers and European sellers of welding equipment and consumables, along with accessories and services. The initiative will select pilots to become part of a 6-months training programme which includes: tech support from industry experts from TWI, business mentoring, up to €100,000 funding, media exposure, and more. Apply before 29 May!

6. eSSIF-Lab open calls - One business-oriented, one infrastructure-oriented! eSSIF-Lab is calling for EU startups and SMEs to develop generic commercial competitive SSI components and services with up to €106,000 equity-free funding and business and technical support during an 8-months acceleration programme (business-oriented call). It is also looking for innovators to develop technical enhancements and extensions of eSSIF-Lab's SSI Framework with up to €155,000 (infrastructure-oriented call). Apply to eSSIF-Lab business call before 30 April and to eSSIF-Lab infrastructure call before 30 June!


28 April: ’Startups Kill the Virus’ online event. Join this webinar to support tech innovators in times of COVID-19 with European funding and support services. Representatives of the European Innovation Council, DG Connect of the European Commission, Startup Europe or the Big Data Value Association will offer their expertise and knowledge.

When & Where? At 9:00 CEST. Registration details right here.

28 April: IMPACTEdTech Webinar ‘How to get up to €195k equity-free funding for your EdTech Startup/SME’.

Learn about the objectives of IMPACT EdTech Incubator-Accelerator, its benefits, and what EdTech startups/SMEs can get out of the programme: bootcamp, investment, piloting pathways, training, mentoring and equity-free funding.

When & Where? At 13:00 CEST. Registration details right here.

29 April: NGI Webinar ‘Better marketing with savvy data with Ester Liquori’. Discover all the good sides of Artificial Intelligence usage in marketing with the NGI community ambassador, Ester Liquori.

When & Where? At 13:00 CEST. Registration details right here.

30 April: DIHNET Webinar ‘How can DIHs help the transition towards smart cities?’. Join this workshop that will bring together Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), Living Labs, City Labs, Policy Labs, as well as cities and municipalities to share good practices for helping cities develop their digital strategies, establish the foundations of their smart city and start developing concrete services.

When & Where? At 11:00 CEST. Registration details right here.

30 April: NGI POINTER Webinar ‘How "human hackers" can get up to 200K€ to change the Internet’. Join this NGI POINTER webinar and learn how to participate in the open call for researchers, developers, Internet activists, startups and SMEs can define the future of the Internet.

When & Where? At 12:00 CEST. Registration details right here.

31 August - 1 September:Lab2Market at ECAI 2020. The Artificial Intelligence community will gather in the ECAI 2020 event in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), and it is looking for innovative startups, spin-offs or incubating companies that are interested in presenting their AI-based products/services/solutions and prototypes to the audience during ECAI 2020 in the Lab2Market.

When & Where? 31 August - 1 September, Santiago de Compostela. Registration details to participate right here.



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