INFYDE Global Consulting SL. (INFYDE)

Park: INFYDE Global Consulting SL. (INFYDE)

Member type: Honour Member

Address: Av. Zugazarte 8-3ªpl. 48930 Las Arenas

Province: Bizkaia

Autonomous community: País Vasco

Phone: 944804095



INFYDE Global Consulting SL. (INFYDE)

Ricardo Garcia Leandro, President

Constitution date:

Technical data:

INFYDE is a private consulting firm specializing in advising Science and Technology Parks, and in the definition and implementation of strategies for competitiveness and territorial development. In his approach pays special attention to innovation, technology, training and the creation of cooperation networks as strategic resources development processes. Infyde also carried out the evaluation of policies and programs as a means of improving the effectiveness of public action.

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