Monograph of the Science and Technology Park of Gijón


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Production sectors:
The main objective of the Gijón Science and Technology Park is to support the creation and installation of companies and institutions based on science and technology.

It presents a mixed character, to develop projects that involve the incorporation of R & D + I to companies and bring entrepreneurial character to the University. It is a business campus for the exercise of new forms of technology transfer.

The Science and Technology Park, promoted by the City Council of Gijón and managed by Centro Municipal de Empresas, S. A., has been awarded almost all of its plots in the Enclave de Cabueñes. Its activity in the coming years will have a direct positive influence on the industrial and academic environment, thanks to the "Mile of Knowledge" project, which aims to establish a space for exchange and technology transfer between all the innovation agents present in our environment (training and university centres, companies, research groups and public institutions).

Companies installed:
The presence of companies, sharing spaces with similar and complementary activities, facilitates mutual relations and fosters collaboration; also the market itself, wide and without borders, favours this dynamic.
As of December 31,2016,149 companies were located in the various business residences of the PCTG, being the following main sectors:

  • Audiovisual
  • Consulting and Advice
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Construction, Energy and Environment
  • Industrial Engineering and Design
  • Medicine and Bioscience
  • Organisms and Associations
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Various services.




The Municipal Business Centre of Gijón offers everything from renting offices, offices, laboratories, workshops or warehouses, to advice on the purchase of industrial premises and industrial land, to make it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to set up and set up businesses. Below, we present the spaces for entrepreneurs and managed companies:


  • CRISTASA Building: Offices, offices and workshops of between 7 and 46 m2. Meeting, training and conference rooms. Coworking.



  • Technological Centre (Impulsa Building), Asturias and Intra Buildings: Offices and laboratories of between 35 and 1,000 m2. Meeting, training and conference rooms. Coworking.  


  • Warehouses Mora-Garay and Roces: Industrial buildings for rent, of sizes between 155 and 340 m2.






We invite you to take a virtual tour.




Since 2000, the City Council of Gijón has configured the local agreements concluded with the main socio-economic agents as the key planning instruments in which to frame the periodic programming of local employment policies and economic promotion, so social consultation has become a basic element of economic and social policy, becoming essential the participation of the different social and business agents.


Collaboration agreements:


To achieve its objectives, the City Council of Gijón, with the intermediation of Gijón IMPULSA - Centro Municipal de Empresas de Gijón, S. A. agreements and agreements were signed with representative entities of the city that allow the participation of the different agents involved in the generation, development and consolidation of business initiatives.

Agreements have been signed with the following entities:


  • University of Oviedo / Fundación Universidad de Oviedo
  • Asturian Innovation Club
  • Cluster of Information and Communication Technologies of Asturias (Cluster TIC Asturias)
  • Union of Merchants of the Principality of Asturias
  • Association of Asturian Associated Labour Societies (ASATA)
  • Independent Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Principality of Asturias (AJE)
  • Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation - Asturias Delegation (SECOT)
  • Association for Infrastructure and Services Management of the Industrial Estates of Rocks and Porceyo (GESPOR)
  • Association of Entrepreneurs of the Mora Garay and Balagón Industrial Estate
  • Hotel and Catering Business Association of Gijón, Carreño and Villaviciosa
  • Sociedad Mixta Centro de Transportes de Gijón
  • MicroBank of "La Caixa"
  • Group Incorpora Red Asturias
  • Fundación La Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial
  • Association for the Support to Entrepreneurs and Young People with Projects for the Development of Actions ImpulsaTIC
  • Asturias Entrepreneurial Association
  • Asturian Marketing Club
  • Asturian Federation of Entrepreneur


Valuable services: 

  • Promote and disseminate technological innovation among local companies.
  • To promote the transfer of resources and knowledge between the educational community and the business environment.
  • Stimulate technological innovation in the business environment, through collaboration with external entities for the dissemination and exchange of experiences in innovation.
  • Advice and support for the creation and consolidation of technology-based companies.
  • Financing for technology companies: Business Development Platforms, Business Development Ecosystem Incentives, City of the Future Prototypes Incentives, Seed Capital Fund and Municipal Risk Capital.
  • Creation of a knowledge and business innovation community, with a platform for Open Innovation (Knowledge Mile).
  • Support for innovative ideas through Crowdfunding Platform and Lean Incentive Program (Scholarship Minimum Viable Product).

Public Purchase of Innovation
The Public Purchase of Innovation is an administrative action through which it is intended to satisfy an unmet need 
for an innovative solution. It has four main objectives:

  • Improve public services by purchasing innovative goods and services.
  • Driving innovation from the demand side.
  • Stimulate innovation in the business fabric.
  • Encourage the internalisation of innovation by using the public market as a launching pad for goods and services.

For this reason, Gijón IMPULSA has launched a first pilot experiment in which, for the acquisition of an "Intelligent Data Analysis Tool" (HAID IMPULSA), the public purchase of innovation will be used. This pilot experience will have an important multiplier effect, as well as scalable for the use of this type of purchase in the different municipal departments.


Object of the Public Purchase of Innovation

Acquisition of an Intelligent Data Analysis Tool that prepares and homogenizes, extracts and analyzes large amounts of information obtained from multiple and heterogeneous structured sources (databases, spreadsheets, open datasets) as well as those that are not, be they reports, records in electronic format, etc.

This Intelligent Data Analysis Tool will allow making accessible information from various data sources in open source for citizens and businesses, in order to locate the strengths of the city, overcome weaknesses and from the data obtained, companies can develop their activity in a more efficient way. In this way, the city as a whole will have a tool that will strengthen those sectors that will provide greater added value and thus improve the city's expectations of economic growth.

On the occasion of the Preliminary Market Consultation that is taking place in Gijón IMPULSA, an information conference was organized on the same, in which experts in Public Purchase of Innovation were also present, both at European and national level. This conference took place last June 20 at the facilities of the Science and Technology Park of Gijón.


All information about it is available in the following links:



  • Kick off EQUILIBRIA (26-28 October 2017)



Movimiento Equilibra is a project of the City Council of Gijón promoted by Impulsa (Centro Municipal de Empresas de Gijón, S. A.) with the collaboration and organization of the Fundación de Jóvenes Empresarios and the Asturian Association of Startups Astur Valley, which aims to promote healthy habits in the city of Gijón through technological initiatives related to food, health and sport. Its raison d' être is to encourage active citizen participation and healthy habits in the city, as well as to promote and make visible business projects in these three areas highlighting their innovative and technological component.
Throughout the summer months of 2017, Movimiento
developed a series of actions aimed at promoting healthy habits in the fields of health, nutrition and sport. As part of them, during this period we wanted to carry out a small study to know habits of the population of Gijón around them. As a result of the analysis of these results, actions such as #RETO30 were executed.
Movimiento Equilibria seeks, with this study on the eating habits, health and sports habits of the residents of Gijón, to detect possible improvements and direct to this end the actions and initiatives to be implemented in the city, positioning itself as a reference and pioneering city in these areas.


During the months of July and August, more than 700 surveys of residents of Gijón were collected through key events held in the city, the Atlantic Arc Festival and the International Trade Fair of Samples. 

The most important data collected during the process:




  • Startup Europe Week 2017


Last Thursday, 9th February 2017 in the afternoon in Room 1 of the Laboral City of Culture, near the Gijón Science and Technology Park, Gijón became one of the headquarters of Startup Europe Week, an international event supported by the Committee of the Regions of the European Union. During one week, activities and events took place simultaneously in more than two hundred European towns, with the aim of stimulating and promoting local entrepreneurship.

 In Gijón, the event was jointly organized by Gijón IMPULSA - managing entity of the Technological Science Park of Gijón - and Soty Solar, a company located in the Cowork area of the PCTG, with the collaboration of Astur Valley, also linked to it.

The event was attended by members of the main regional organizations that explained the current support for entrepreneurs, and there was also a roundtable to know the opinion of Asturian Startups. Other members of the National Ecosystem of Innovation were also present at the event.