Parque Científico de Alicante

Park: Parque Científico de Alicante

Member type: Full member

Address: Edificio Parque Científico, Alicante, Campo Oeste. Universidad de Alicante

Province: Alicante

Autonomous community: Comunidad Valenciana

Phone: 965 909 310

Fax: 965 909 883



Parque Científico de Alicante

Esteban Pelayo Villarejo - Manager

Constitution date:

Technical data:

The Alicante Science Park (PCA) currently has about 50 companies and over 600 employees. Its companies are mainly grouped in the following sectors: BIOTECHNOLOGY-HEALTH, ICT and CIRCULAR ECONOMY

The PCA works very actively with the University of Alicante, both through the coordination and channeling of joint work proposals between companies linked to the PCA and research groups from the University itself, as well as promoting the transfer of knowledge and talent management.

Infraestructures and Spaces

The Park offers affiliated companies a variety of facilities at different locations:

  • Laboratory with preinstallation of gases: 1,800 m2.
  • Office space: 1,500 m2.
  • Industrial or semi-industrial warehouse space: 3,000 m2.
  • Coworking space: 560 m2.
  • Meeting rooms: 200 m2.

Currently, it has a new building of over 13,000 m2.

Support Services to park entities

From the Alicante Science Park Foundation, we work every day to offer a quality service to our related companies. These value-added services, it is worth highligh- ting the following:

  • Business development support.
  • Support in the search for financing both public and private.
  • Collaboration in talent management.
  • Access to services and advanced scientific instrumentation.
  • Business training and networking actions.
  • Search for technology partners, trade and financial.
  • Cooperation in R&D&i with the University of Alicante.
  • Business internationalization.
  • Promotion and communication actions.


- Artificial Intelligence / Circular Economy / Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

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