Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia - Tecnópole

Park: Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia - Tecnópole

Member type: Full member

Address: San Cibrao das Viñas. 32900

Province: Ourense

Autonomous community: Galicia

Phone: 988 368 100

Fax: 902 501 425



Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia - Tecnópole

Luisa Pena Nieto. Director of Administration

Constitution date:

Technical data:

o Total built-up area: 594.000 m2.o Area allowed for building: 254.395 m2.o Area available for building: 71.569 m2.o Recreational area: 78.330 m2.INTERESTING DETAILSo Tecnópole = Talent Community.o 1400 highly skilled workers.o 5 Technological Centres.o 90 companies.SERVICESR&D&INNOVATION SUPPORTo Biotechnology Laboratory - Biotechnology Business Shuttle.o Minimally Invasive Surgery Experimental Centre - TECMEVA.o Renewable Energies Testing Center.GENERALo Security, surveillance and access control.o Meeting rooms.o Auditorium with simultaneous translation services.o Videoconference rooms.o Training classrooms.o Telematic and computerised office services.o Heliport.o Sports area.o Nursery school.o Electric Vehicle Charging Station.o Cafe-Restaurant.o Medical Practice Centre.o Visitors reception and attention.o Space Management.TELECOMMUNICATIONSo Fibre optic network and secure high velocity data network.o Voice network (with state-of-the-art VoIP technology).o Configuration of private virtual networks for Internet access.o Symmetrical Internet Access at 100Mb/s.o Online Backup.o Secure e-mail.o Web Hosting and Housing.o Primary or secondary DNS server.o Wireless Connectivity.o Domain Purchase/Renewal Management.SPECIALIZED- Business nurseries.- Centre of Excellence.- Virtual Business Address.- Coworking spaces.- Support to Business Communication.- Inter-company cooperation.- Study of Viability and Projects´ Bureau.- Technology Transfer Network.- English and Galician Service.- Organization of events, congresses, conferences and lectures.SCIENTIFIC SPREADINGo R&D Classrooms.o Science Shows.o Tecnópole Technological Workshops (T2W).o Tecnópole Robotics Workshops (TRW).

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