Get over day to day, have a good time and, above all, enjoy the sport. The football team in wheelchair or Power Chair Fury of Alicante was formed with the aim of offering people with reduced mobility the possibility of practicing and enjoying football. A team of seven people between 14 and 43 years old who train every Saturday full of enthusiasm and energy. When this club got in touch with the company of the UMH Scientific Park UMIS ROIS Medical, it did not hesitate to join this project in order to be able to help and facilitate to the players the practice of this sport. The start-up collaborates with the team redesigning and perfecting the bumpers that must have incorporated the wheelchairs to be able to practice the Power Chair. The company will also assist the team with the backs of the players. 


The bumpers that the equipment counts today are square and plastic, the goal of ROIS Medical is to make them circular to increase its power and precision. "We are building some metal, stiffer and better suited to the chair so that when they hit the ball, it comes out faster," says Robert Vallejo, CEO of the start-up. "This will result in an improvement in the game," he adds. 


"We feel fortunate to have help like ROIS Medical, who believe in this type of project. Any type of support is a big step forward in the Power Chair ", says Vicent Maciá, promoter of this sport in Spain. "These bumpers will allow us to move forward and, above all, to be able to develop this practice in a professional way," he says. 


The ROIS Medical team has been fully focused on this project that allows disabled people to change their routine and enjoy their favorite sport. "The first time we went to see the workouts we loved the project. Apart from being our sector, we were thrilled by the energy and enthusiasm that there is in training, that's why we decided to enter it, "says Vallejo. A project that motivates, excites and will allow Furia Alicante to continue enjoying and practicing the Power Chair and the start-up achieve its goal, make life easier for people with disabilities. 

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