-Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía.-

Fifteen companies of the Technology Park of Malaga (PTA) met last April 26 at a breakfast organized by the park to welcome companies installed in the technopolis in the last year. 


This is the first time the PTA has organized this welcoming session, which will be repeated from now on with monthly frequency so that all the companies that are established, during the previous 12 months, can participate in the different facilities of the PTA in Málaga, including the Green Ray. 


During breakfast, companies have presented their projects and had the opportunity to exchange experiences. The organizers have also delivered a pack with documentation on the possibilities and services that comes with being installed in the park. 


In particular, they have received documentation with data on the PTA and its environment; Contact details of the head office of the park; Information on other companies already installed; Information on mobility, parking and on-site services; Facilities and spaces for entrepreneurs; Social and leisure activities, and security and emergency plan. 


The purpose of these sessions is to foster the interaction and relations between the companies of the technopolis, and generate synergies. In addition, newcomers are expected to know and exploit all the services and opportunities offered by them to be in the PTA, such as the use of facilities, participation in programs, advice, information on economic and other aid, etc. 


The meeting was chaired by José Luis Ruiz Espejo, President of the PTA and delegate of the Andalusian Government in Malaga, and Felipe Romera, Director of the PTA. Both have welcomed the representatives of the companies, and encouraged them to make use of all the possibilities offered by the PTA. 


Ruiz Espejo has highlighted the role of the PTA as "home for business, support and space for growth," and has encouraged companies to "make themselves big here." For his part, Felipe Romera has encouraged entrepreneurs to "enjoy the park and grow, taking advantage of the great opportunity to settle in a value environment." 

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