UC3M experts in the Conference #Innovadorestrd, "Mobday, from transport to mobility".


Carlos III University of Madrid Science Park - Leganés Tecnológico

UC3M participated together with CSIC in the second meeting organized by the Pons e Innovadores Foundation of El Mundo and sponsored by the company BOSCH. On this occasion the UC3M expert was José Mº Armingol, from the LSI Research Group, Intelligent Systems Laboratory. The SEI-Scientific Park of the UC3M is part of the organizing team of the conference program #Innovators TRD. The day dealt, among other things, with the deadlines and business models that will mark the mobility `as a service' and its impact on society, its owner,"Cities will hold the key to the gradual disembarkation of the autonomous car", a good summary of the day.

More information about the participation of UC3M in the Conference #Innovadorestrd


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